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Derrian Childress

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This amazing artist offers a blend of genres for a sound that is unique to Derrian.

About Derrian Childress

Known for his enthusiastic energy and resonant vocals, Derrian Childress is a dynamic and versatile performer. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Derrian developed a flair for creativity and a desire to be a multifaceted artist. After career goals were achieved in various forms of visual art, Derrian eventually aimed to write his own narrative in music.

In the summer of 2011, Derrian participated in a singing contest in the Nashville area and emerged victoriously. At that point, Derrian's new life as an artist began in the city he considers as his second home.

Over the years, he has performed with many local bands in various venues and entertained audiences of all ages. Notable event appearances include, but not limited to, Westaven Porchfest in Franklin, Tom Hurst Presents: Loud Jamz, and the Nashville Drummers Jam. In 2017,

Derrian finally started fulfilling his desires to record original music. Blending his wide range of musical styles and influences, including R&B, Pop, Rock and more, Derrian is sure to shine with each musical project. That is evident in his debut single with Ground Quake, Hallelujah Express, where Derrian has created a buzz among Nashville Producers.

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